How To Reset Your WordPress Password

Lost or forgotten your WordPress website’s password? Here’s how to reset it:  Go to your login page. It may be something like or Look below the usual login fields for the words “Lost your password?” Click on those words. A new window will open where you can add the email address associated with your […]

What Your Email Address Says About Your Business ….

Biggest marketing mistake ever – using your ISP’s free email address! Two good reasons NOT to use your internet service provider’s email address It looks and is unprofessional! A domain-based email is a significant part of your core branding strategy – and VERY good value.  Your investment is under $20 per year for your domain name and around […]

How To Use Social Networking To Grow Your Business …

Why bother with social media for networking? Online networking has the same purpose as offline networking – to build relationships! And we build quality relationships by adding value to other people’s lives – both online and offline. In the online business context we add value to others by sharing content, tips and ideas that may help […]