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Optimise Your YouTube Videos to Boost Your Organic SEO!

Optimise your YouTube Channel and videos to boost your organic seo

Why you want to optimise your YouTube channel … Google loves YouTube! Google owns YouTube, Google is the most popular search engine and YouTube is the fourth most popular search engine and is also a social media channel where channel owners can interact with their viewers and subscribers. When you Read More…

Blog Posts That Convert

Business Blogging for Baby Boomers - image

Business blog posts – why bother? Neil Patel in Search Engine Journal wrote this article in 2012 and it’s more relevant than ever! One of the 7 points he makes is that consistent website updates via useful and interesting content in your blog posts helps to build trust with your Read More…

3 Pillars Of A Website That Gets Your Business Found Online…

3 pillars of a business website - image

The design of your website should NOT be your first concern! One of the things that frustrates me the most during initial discussions with clients is the emphasis that many first time website owners want to give to the appearance of their new website. While I agree that aesthetics are Read More…

Organic SEO Made Easy – Just Write Some Blog Posts!

Build organic SEO (search engine optimisation) into your blog posts to get some search engine love! - image

Blog Posts – the key to successful organic search engine optimisation … Last week a client whose website we built asked for feedback on how they’re going with writing their own blog posts. While the standard of the writing is high and the information is useful to their target market, Read More…

Hidden Keywords Can Boost Your Google Ranking!

Easy Google Rankings

¬†Are you hiding your keywords from Google? | Video ¬†Useful organic SEO tips in this video: Hidden, organic seo goldmine on your existing pages. Use FREE Google Analytics to identify hidden keywords on your website. How to dig deep to expose organic seo gold. Identify which pages to leverage with Read More…

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